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Friday, February 24, 2012

Photographs: "LOVE URBAN NATURE" (series)


Love Urban Nature photographic sustainable peace-works has viewed online in over 204 nations and exhibited throughout the world in public spaces, fine art galleries, museums, "The Peace Project Touring Exhibition", schools, hospitals, businesses, and private collections as a tool to educate people about plants that grow, thrive and live in urban city environments. Historically these native and colonized plants have been used for healing practices and medicine making.

All photographs taken with a low resolution Nikon CoolPix pocket-camera.
Conditions: Dawn, direct natural light, no post-processing colour correction, no tripod, no flash.

Observing true nature within inner silence and stillness inspires and instructs sustainability.

Artists and writers take the lead to influence society. To the best of my ability I use the most sustainable non-toxic digital printers, Ultra Violet Light (UV) baking of photo pigment application during printing, and laser light transmission for fusing the images to bond with the cellular structures of the paper and other substrates. I sometimes use liquid bio-acrylic poured over the top of the fused-photo-image to complete the peaceworks - so no glass, plexi-glass, wooden frames or tree-paper mattes are required as finishing frameworks. UV Light and Laser Light digital printing is rated with an indoor use life span of 100 years, and outdoor exposure of 75 years.  Sustainable practices mean using less materials as possible, so I have reduced my peaceworks to 3 materials (a pressed wood backing, plant cellulose paper and bio-acrylic front).

I have tested paper made of grasses and plants that reproduce themselves quickly naturally, and do not require great quantities of water to thrive. I support using tree-free photo paper, matte and framing. I print on museum archival quality 100% Cotton paper, Bamboo blocks, Kirei Re-cycled Wood, and Fuji Crystal Archive Super Gloss Plant Cellulose paper. I do not use papers made from tree-wood, because we need trees to produce oxygen and clean the air we breathe for this planet's survival. It takes a long time for a tree to grow, whereas grasses can replenish themselves quickly and use less water for their growth life cycle.

The plants and animals that live in LA are often noticed, yet frequently overlooked, by their co-inhabitants. Fortunately, there is a large population of very dedicated gardeners from all over the world ~ particularly Native American people, and people Native to Central and South America, whose dedicated love of plants, healing, and Self-cultivation is legendary.

 Los Angeles is home to a wide variety of homeopathic botanical shops that specialize in selling plants and flowers possessing curative restorative healing powers. You do not have to go far in LA to find a local Botanica, which provides indigenous plants not only to the original American First Nations Healers and Curanderas of the indigenous people of the Americas ~ but inclusively also local medical healing practitioners such as Asian Herbalists, Ancient Tibetan Medicine, Ancient Classical Hebrew, Greek, Persian, Arabian and Egyptian doctors, Russian Traditional Healers, Homeopathic Doctors, Hawaiian and Ayurveda traditional understandings of the complete knowledge for long healthy life.