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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Photographs: "Living, Creating - Life For The Joy Of It" series

"Power Flower"

"Vani Vani"

"Everyone Sometimes Needs Answers"

"Relaxing Comes Naturally"

"Midnight Noodles"

"Swept Up in the Fun"

"Water Dance with Light"

"Forging The Elements"

"The Cook Delivers"

"Clown At Rest"

"Mother's Work is Never Done"

"Who Knows What Hunger Lurks in the Belly of Men"

"Santa's Self Reflection"

"Happiness Festival"

"Life Is An Open Door"

"Kapa'a Laughs"

"Ride The White Rabbit"

":Life Is A Blur:"

"Nightlife, Night Lights"

"Urban Sunset Cowboy"

"Keeping The Streets Clean"

"Love The Night"

"The Fruits of Creativity"


"Life's A Whirl"

"Lit From Within"

'Thanks Given For Ice Skating"

"Naturally Relaxing"

"Life of the Party"

"Warrior Dance"

"Honour Dance"

"Joy To The World"

"Master of Jazz"

"Singing My Song"

"A Smile and A Song"


"Street Musician's View of the World"

"Drummer's Song"

"On The Move"

"Dancing on the Edge"

"Creating for the Fun of It"

"Dancing for The Present and The Past"

"Stories of Heroes"

"Fortune Telling"

"Beauty in a Beautiful World"

"Living, Creating - Life For The Joy Of It" (series)
by Karin Lisa Atkinson
Locations: Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, 
Santa Barbara, Kauai Hawai, London, Madrid, Belgium,
Masai Mara Kenya, Zanzibar Tanzania,  Sudan-Ethiopia, Ethiopia-Yemen,
Shelburne and Millbrook First Nations Nova Scotia Canada.
Camera: Sony, Nikon and Canon pocket cameras
Conditions: everything, anything, all and more

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"
~ Leonardo da Vinci