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every shutter-click is a heart beat.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Photographs "Street Life, As I Walked By..."

"Still Flower"

"How To Hypnotize A Unicorn"

"Emergency Teleportation Transportation"

"All Colours Welcome"

"Speed of Night"

"Dance, Spinner"

"Earth Watchers Counting Time"

"Stronger Together"

"Peace 2 U"

"Everyday. Women's Day"

"3rd Eye Bright"

"Think Beyond the Bright Lights"

"Dancing in the Streets

"Wind, Rain, Earth, Dance"

"Lead Your Life"

"Look Into The Light"

"Welcome Aboard"

"Algerian Love"


"Dreams Move, Moving Dreams"

"Self-Destiny Rules!"

"Into The Sunset"

"Life Comforting Life"

"Mother and Children"

"Weaver Weaving Life"

"Children Dream Musically"

"Power of Light"

"Leader of the Pack"

"Sharing Leadership, Self-Leadership"

"Venice Pride"

"Got the Blues"

"Perspective of Matter"

"Brightly Lit Dark Side"

"We Are the People"

"Hoop, Ball, Score"

"Jilaptoq Jingle Dancer"

"Grandmother Moccasins"

"Love Wall Walk By"

"Contre-jour, Contre-nuit"

"Night Sky Glass"

"Making Rainbows"

"Gratitude and Cheer"

"What's That Light Up There?"

"Look! See!"


"Youthful Creativity"

"Got the Music in Me"

"Good Humour Guys"

"I am Blessed"

"Wishing You Purrfect Peace"

"Community Greeter"

"Water Bird Girl"

"Mysterious Heart"

"Life Folds Light"

"Sunset Light Speed"

"Reflective Waters"

"Boomerama B-Ball

"Urban Dancing, Field of Dreams"

"Holy Mackerel"

"Solving the Mystery of the Universe"

"Hopi Glass Blowing"

"Live By The Drum"

"Nature Provides"

"The Measure of a New Life"

"Female Male Reflections"

"Coming Out of the Dark Ages, Together"

"Where Do We Go From Here"

"Young Warrior"

"Water Scared To All"

"Candid Curiousity"

Magic Monday, Sunny Sunday"

"The Art Is In The Light"

"Admiration Stop"

"Glow of Friendship"

"Water Sacred To All"

"Artists United, United Artists"

"Life Lined Up"

"Happy Meal"

"Elevator Embrace"

"Love Storm"

"Karma, Dharma"

"Concentrated Passion"

"Power of Support and Balance"

"Human Sculptures"

"Sister Brother"

"Acadian Shores"

"iHeart Day"

"City Light In transit"

"Inspiration Everywhere"

"Two Halves = One Conversation"

"Hitchcock Prays for Peace"

"Weaver, Teacher"

"Music Key to Life"

"Bateau Artisan, Boat Craftsman"

"Fiddling with Violin"

"Forgeron, Blacksmith"

"Mad Scientist's Mobile Lab"

"Ancient Garden, Modern World"

Wishing you "Good Fortune"

"Street Life, As I Walked By ..." (series)
by Karin Lisa Atkinson
Location: California, Nova Scotia, New Mexico, Ethiopia, London
Camera: Nikon D3100 and Sony DSC-RX100M2 (pocket camera) 
Conditions: Natural light, usually wind, no flash, no tripod

Protect our Water 

"A photograph is always invisible, 
 it is not it that we see. 
 The photographic image... 
 ... is a message without a code. 
 What the Photograph reproduces 
to infinity 
 has occurred only once: 
 the Photograph mechanically repeats 
 what could never be repeated existentially. 
 The photograph is literally 
an emanation of the referent. 
 From a real body, 
 which was there, 
 proceed radiations 
which ultimately touch me, 
 who am here; 
 the duration of the transmission is insignificant; 
 the photograph of the missing being, 
 as Susan Sontag says, 
 "will touch me like the delayed rays of a star." 
~ Roland Barthes 1915-1980 (France) 

"Water Sacred To All"